I am a German abstract artist, born 1972, and am living and working in Neuss, North Rhine-Westphalia. Finding inspiration in nature, my work is translating emotions into shapes, textures and colors. Striving for depth and intensity, I’m using multiple layers of paint, grainy or rough textures, embracing the beauty of decay by including rust or cracked structures in my paintings. The perfectionist in me usually has got an idea how I want to start, and sometimes I even do sketches when starting a new project, but ever so often, over time, the painting takes over and seems to create itself, layer by layer, creating depth and intensity in the process. That’s when the magic happens: when the artist lets go, when emotions speak through paint and pastes, and things just seem to happen on the canvas. I find that’s when the best elements of a painting are born! My last exhibition brought my works to Madrid / Spain, and I’m happy to share my art now also with the Austrian public.
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