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Vienna, Austria

Mechthild BREBERA

Brebera Mechthild Artist name: La BreM e-mail: [email protected] mobile: +43 (0)660 1419473 Internet: www.hobby-ar...
Brebera Mechthild Artist name: La BreM e-mail: [email protected] mobile: +43 (0)660 1419473 Internet: Social media: youtube, instagram, facebook My motto: "My pictures should stimulate the viewer's imagination" (La BreM) After my professional life I had time to devote myself intensively to my hobby, painting. In order to learn different painting techniques, I attended several workshops and courses by recognised artists. Each of these artists left traces in my creativity and so, through the different impressions in the workshops and courses, my personal painting style has developed. Through my many travels I was able to immortalise impressions and emotions in many of my paintings. I paint with acrylics, oils and watercolours. In search of new challenges, I experiment with different materials. My paintings are abstract, representational or arise from a mood, from the feeling of the moment or reflect current topics. In the course of my exhibitions, I support various social projects. Be it by auctioning one of my paintings or by appealing for donations during the vernissage. The proceeds then go either to the Rainman's home association (an institution for people with autism or another disability) or I use them to support people who help animals in need. My creative flair is not limited to the visual arts, as in recent years I have started to design and make costume jewellery in resin and cabochon. Description by the Italian art critic Marta Lock (excerpt, translated from Italian) "When you visit a faraway country, the moment has come to take with you not only the images but also the emotions you have experienced on these journeys, realising that a photograph cannot do justice to everything the eye has perceived in terms of impressions. Art is able to combine objectivity with the subjectivity of experience and to depict the personal feelings in the spectacular images. The artist Mechthild Brebera (La BreM) chose with her paintings, albeit with a more modern and cosmopolitan approach, to remember places and the beauty that she found before her eyes and astonished her. In parallel, the artist is dedicated to the theme of ecology with a series of works that make the viewer realise how important and fundamental it is to protect animals and nature before human intervention destroys this circle of life." I am a member of many artistic and cultural associations including. International Watercolor Society Austria Abstract ART Academy, Germany Arab-Austrian House for Art and Culture Artfactory-Graz Cultural Network Lower Austria Art Projects Vienna TraunART - The Traun Art Association; Numerous exhibitions in galleries in Austria, Germany, Italy and Denmark. I have also participated in various online exhibitions at home and abroad. SMALL EXCERPT OF MY EXHIBITIONS Exhibitions 2018: 23.03.2018 Kulturdepot, 2232 Deutsch Wagram 08.04.2018 Art Market in the Meta City, 1220 Vienna 05.05.2018 Art in the Glass House, 2232 Deutsch Wagram 19.05.2018 Austria's largest street gallery , 2544 Leobersdorf 29.09.2018 Café-Restaurant "G'schamster Diener", 1070 Vienna 12.10.2018 Interior decorator PRIXRAK, 232 Deutsch Wagram Exhibitions 2019: April 2019 Top Lokal , 1010 Vienna 14.07.2019 Gallery "Der Sammer", 3910 Zwettl 14.09.2019 Participation in "Street Art, Kunst am Zaun", Börsepark, 1010 Vienna 14.09.2019 Austria's largest street gallery , 2544 Leobersdorf 19.10.2019 Participation in the 17th Lower Austrian Days of Open Studios 23.10.2019 Participation in the joint exhibition " Wien durch Artists' Eyes" of the Arabian-Austrian House for Art and Culture in cooperation with "Art e Fact Vienna", Bezirksamt Margareten, 1050 Vienna 06.11.2019 Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhäuser, House Tamariske-Sonnenhof, 1220 Vienna 17.12.2019 Gallery "Eisen Waren Kamp" 1060 Vienna Exhibitions 2020: 21.01.2020 Linz Provincial Police Headquarters, 4020 Linz 01-07.03.2020 Gallery Sandpeck, 1080 Vienna 20-21.03.2020 Cultural Centre Marchfeld - Strasshof "KUMST", 2231 Strasshof cancelled COVID 19 20.04.2020 Town Hall in Gundelfingen, D cancelled COVID 19 29.04.2020 Traun Castle, 4050 Traun cancelled COVID 19 05.06.2020 Café-Bar "Augenblick", 1070 Vienna cancelled COVID 19 06.06.2020 Styx Natural Cosmetics, Obergrafendorf cancelled COVID 19 03-23.12.20200 Art.local, 2301 Groß-Enzersdorf 22.12.2020 - 5.1.2021 Gallery Arte Sempione, in Rome, IT Exhibitions 2021: 07.01. 2021 Café-Bar "Augenblick", 1070 Vienna cancelled COVID 19 12.01. 2021 Cultural Centre 8605 Kapfenberg 25.03. 2021 Studio-Course Room Gallery, Showroom 51, 1080 Vienna 03.04.2021 Gallery Onil, Bremen, D 28.04. 2021 Traun Castle, 4050 Traun, Austria 30.04. 2021 Artfactory-Graz, 8053 Graz 12.05. 2021 Kunstschaffen, Art Hotel Vienna, 1050 Vienna 14.05.2021 Gallery Sapere Qaude, Copenhagen, DK 15.05. - 04.09.2021 Artists Guild Kitzbühel, 6370 Kitzbühel 17.05.2021 Gallery publicartists, 1080 Vienna 04.08.2021 Gallery at the Park, Art Museum, 1060 Vienna 13.08.2021 ART & Craft Seeboden on Lake Millstatt, Carinthia 17.08.2021 Vienna Summer Art, Gallery publicartists, 1080 Vienna 11.-12.9.2021 Art & Craft Festival, 7400 Oberwart, Burgenland 17-19.9.2021 Anime Senza Voce, IT 16.10.+ 17.10.2021 Participation in the 19th Lower Austrian Open Studio Days 20.10.2021 Art Projects, 1200 Vienna Online exhibitions: 2020/2021 ART 20/ Autodidakten Art Fair, Tribuswinkel Castle 2020/2021 Corona 2020/2021 Gallery 2020/2021 Abstract Art Academy, Gundelfingen, D 2021 Voilá Art Virtual, Bavaria 20.04.2021 Insieme Virtualmente, IT 30.06.2021 Online Art Award "Good Inspiration", World-Art-Cooperation-Club, D