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Christian Eckler

Between mountain and valley - Alpine landscape & architecture in reduced watercolor
Wed 27 - Fri 29 Jul 2022

The landscape with its specific conditions such as climate, soil and vegetation as well as the social and material conditions of the inhabitants have shaped their architectures. In a pictorial language that brings out the essentials and leaves out everything incidental, we will deal with these themes. The white in watercolor, that is, the unpainted, also plays an essential role. Unusual techniques of material treatment and color application will give even the long-time watercolorist new impulses.

Ink art
Fri 22 Jul 2022

Inks are much more than a painting medium: Fascinating shapes are created, colors float and mix in a translucent and shiny way and unfold their magical luminosity. In this basic workshop you will learn all about inks: you will learn and practice basic techniques and awaken your artistic curiosity about this new medium. By the end of the workshop, you will achieve unique surface effects and master the use of wet-on-wet painting as well as thread painting. You will create more than a dozen unique works of art in the flow of inks during these two days - using a stream of air or specially prepared thread - without any effort.

Encaustic: painting with wax and fire
Thu 21 Jul 2022

A comprehensive course on wax painting for 3000 years. You will learn the basics of encaustic, shellac firing, and how to work with a Bunsen burner. The Greek word "enkausis" means "to burn in": the wax is kept liquid on a hot plate, applied to wood and worked with a Bunsen burner. Painting with beeswax is an intoxicating, sensual experience. It smells wonderful, the materials are 100% natural and we create incomparable color intensities and light effects. Instead of a brush, we use fire to paint. We use it to connect the individual layers of wax and even create a controlled shellac firing. A step-by-step course to create magical effects with controlled fire. You will achieve stunning surface effects and develop your artistic techniques with natural materials. Learn to create with wax & fire.

Marketing & PR
Sat 16 - Sun 17 Jul 2022

The course participants are introduced to the most important questions on the topic of self-marketing by means of case studies. The participants will be introduced step by step to the relevant key points such as self-presentation, argumentation, pricing, presentation, dealing with various target and dialogue groups such as potential buyers, galleries, fairs and media. Buyers, galleries, fairs and media. The aim of the workshop is not to break down marketing and PR to a few aspects, but to think holistically and to use the marketing instruments coordinated in their own presentation and marketing. For all course participants an individual marketing concept is worked out in outline. The long-term goal is for the artists to be able to market themselves independently in the future, to make regular sales, and to continuously increase awareness and market value.

Rust sculpture- figures and objects
Fri 15 - Sun 17 Jul 2022

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of three-dimensional work in manageable size! In playful ease and without heavy materials or machines, you create your personal small sculpture for the living or outdoor area in an uplifting way.
We work with a mix of wire, building materials and artist materials, and various "special" ingredients. Individual instructions, tips and technical assistance at all stages of creation.
No previous sculpting experience required! For beginners and also 3D experienced who want to learn a refreshing new technique. It is not necessary to come with a "finished idea"!

Marion Pass

Aufbaukurs Aquarellmalerei
Fr 15. – So 17. Jul 2022

Inhalt dieses Kurses ist die Vermittlung weiterer Schritte in der Technik der Aquarellmalerei – wie kommt man vom Motiv zum Bild. Es werden zuerst verschiedene Grundlagen wie z.B. Bildaufbau und Perspektive wiederholt. Danach anhand von Motiven zuerst allgemein, später individuell, die Herangehensweise besprochen. Alle Übungen werden in Theorie und Praxis zuerst erklärt und demonstriert anschließend selbst durchgeführt und geübt. Durch spielerischen Zugang entstehen lebendige, stimmungsvolle Bilder, im eigenen Stil. Als Vorlagen werden Fotos oder Gegenstände verwendet.

Andreas Fischbacher

Akt Jour-Fixe – Akt und Akt in Bewegung
Mo 11. Jul 2022

Akt und Akt in Bewegung ist ein wöchentlich wiederkehrender Halbtagesworkshop an der Kunstfabrik Wien. Im Kurs lehrt der Dozent Andreas Fischbacher Aktzeichnung und Malerei. Zweck des Workshops ist die Schulung des Auges, die Erfassung der richtigen Proportionen und die Bestimmung der Hautfarben. Es kann in mit Kohle, Bleistift, Öl- oder Acrylfarben gearbeitet werden. Die Positionen sind zweimal 45 Minuten ruhend und 45 Minuten in Bewegung mit Ruhepausen. Fotos können nach Rückfragen mit dem Modell und nur für den Eigenbedarf gemacht werden.

Free style figurative painting
Fr 8. – So 10. Jul 2022

In diesem Kurs wird dir, ob Anfänger oder fortgeschritten auf einem professionellen Level geholfen, deine künstlerisch kreativen Bildideen mit Leichtigkeit umzusetzen, egal welches Malmedium du bevorzugst! Vorgeschlagen wird Öl auf Leinwand, da dieses Medium unendlich viele Möglichkeiten zum Experimentieren ergibt (bzw. beinhaltet)! Gemalt wird nach mitgebrachten Vorlagen, wenn erwünscht auch vom Modell!

Resin goes urban style
Di 5. – Do 7. Jul 2022

In der Kunst gibt es kaum Grenzen. Das gilt auch für die Resin Kunst. Lassen Sie sich von diesem neuen Workshop-Format überraschen und erfahren Sie, wie spannend Resin in Verbindung mit Sprays, Papier, Schablonen und Schriften ist. Im Vordergrund des dreitägigen Workshops stehen die richtige Bildkomposition und die passenden Materialien. Sie lernen, wie Sie ein Kunstwerk im Street-Art-Style aufbauen, welche Materialien sich dazu gut eignen und wie Sie sie einsetzen. Sie können sich dabei mit viel Farbe und bunt wie bei Graffiti ausdrücken. Sie bevorzugen es minimalistischer? Auch kein Problem: Für den Industrial Style verwenden Sie coole Farben wie Schwarz, Grau und Weiß und setzen maximal einige farbige Akzente. Das Arbeiten mit Schriften sorgt für klare Botschaften in Ihren Kunstwerken.


Painting like the old masters is a two-week summer workshop with Andreas Fischbacher and Mike Büchel.

The workshop is divided into two main areas: drawing and painting.

Painting like the old masters with Andreas Fischbacher

Fri 1 - Tue 5 Jul 2022

Drawing like the old masters with Mike Büchel

Fri 24 - Tue 28 Jun 2022


In the intensive painting workshop led by Andreas Fischbacher, classical oil painting techniques as well as the composition of pictures are practiced using historical templates and models. An important topic is the correct mixing of skin colors, the creation of transitions between light and shadow, the illusion of spatiality with the help of chiaroscuro and the sparing use of color. The course includes a lot of practice and a little theory. The goal of the workshop is to impart as much know-how as possible so that you can continue to work at home or in your own studio with confidence and enjoyment.


The course includes material and color theory, supporting lectures, and extensive practice exercises with intensive one-on-one discussions and feedback.


In this intensive workshop with Mike Büchel, a model is available for a week under classical studio conditions, as they had the old masters. Building on their experience and methodology, all course participants will be given the most important tools to simplify the complexity of the human form. This know-how allows us to dive into the different topics such as gesture, proportion, expression, anatomy, light and shadow with fun and joy.


The course consists of lectures, critiques, demonstrations and most importantly: lots of practice.