about us

we are publicartists!

Polina Milikina, completed studies in art history at the University of Vienna. Passionate art lover with experience in art and artist mediation, as well as in personnel management and coaching and

Thomas Leimer, with a degree in graphics, a passionate artist, gallery owner and art dealer.

We share a passion for art and the vision to build a lobby for artists, galleries and all people interested in art.

In our exhibitionspace in Vienna, Laudongasse 58, we are creating a place to present art and artists without inhibitions and deliberately do not target investors and collectors (although their interest has already been aroused), but rather the crowd of people who have rediscovered their walls at home through lockdown and home office and want to finally replace the long-standing furniture-store-print with a unique artwork that exactly meets their personal taste, fits harmoniously into the house or apartment and, above all, has the right prize.

We see our main task in showing a maximum of diversity and still creating a harmonious overall impression in every exhibition. We achieve this by specifying topics for every exhibition the artists can participate with their works. Because these topics we determine, we can also achieve a healthy mix of unknown, semi-professional and academic artists without having to compromise on quality. In this way, we show an astonishing range of technology, expression, level and price level, from which visitors can choose and purchase their personal favorite work every two weeks. And that parallel to the live exhibition also online in the 360 ° tour, which can still be walked virtually one year after the exhibition and enables contact with the artists at any time, even afterwards. The entire purchase price goes to the artists - we do not take any commission!

Our service goes far beyond the organization of a single exhibition.

We are building a lobby for artists and creating a network of artists, galleries, dealers and art buyers.

You will find everything we offer here!

We put artists in the light and bring art to people!

yours Polina and Thomas from publicartists