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Vienna, Austria

B. The Crossover Artist

At first glance, my paintings either do not fit into any known genre of art, or into several at the same time, because they feature styles both from de...
At first glance, my images either do not fit into any known art genre, or several at the same time, because they have styles both from pop art, comic, graffiti, graphicart, sketchart and sometimes other genres. The materials and techniques used are also varied, resorting to acrylic painting, spraywriting, text elements, lacquer and fiber pens, or even printing methods. This form of diversity is exactly what I appreciate in art and like to call crossover. Everything I paint starts on a blank canvas and from then on is not subject to any boundaries. I start with a rough idea and an even rougher and colorless pencil sketch, paint away, draw anything that comes to mind, and change my intention dozens of times. I alternate between meticulous lines, wild brushstrokes and colorful 'supra-threshold', so that in the end a picture emerges, which exists far away from any expectations and attributions - this is my way of painting.