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CITY Gallery, Vienna

“ART OF SILENCE” mit Gerd Schrutz

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CITY Gallery, Vienna
Gerd Schrutz Kunst Ausstellung “ART OF SILENC” publicartists Galerie Wien Josefstadt   Ruhig oder introvertiert; entspannt oder letha...

Gerd Schrutz Kunst Ausstellung “ART OF SILENC” publicartists Galerie Wien Josefstadt


Quiet or introverted; relaxed or lethargic;
Silence in art is quiet and unobtrusive.

Ob Landschaften, Ozeane, Szenerien, Abstraktionen oder Fotografien – in der Kunst findet Stille vielfältige Ausdrucksweisen.
And so it comes as no surprise that the extraordinary diversity of this exhibition also invites visitors to look and stay.


” Ich schau nur…” ist erlaubt und gewollt. Immer mit Prosecco oder Kaffee. Und kaufen geht natürlich auch

1080 Vienna, Laudongasse 58 - Monday to Friday - 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and by appointment

As always, in an unobtrusive, pleasant ambience!

With us there is no stressful and crowded opening.

Rather, we put one or two artists in the spotlight every day as part of the daily vernissage - we call it "Dailyssage"! Thus, all artists get the appreciation and attention they deserve, a personal promotional flyer and their own champagne reception for visitors and guests. There are nice conversations in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and there is plenty of space to let the works have an effect on you. So artists also benefit from each other's visitors!

Away from an elitist and expensive scene, we want to make art visible, tangible and affordable again without inhibitions. And if this time there is still nothing, there is a new chance every two weeks to enjoy the regular "art stroll" with a glass of Prosecco.

Kunst Ausstellung “ART OF SILENCE” publicartists Galerie Wien Josefstadt