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CITY Gallery, Vienna

"FACES" with Wolfgang Eicher with reading starting at 5 p.m.

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CITY Gallery, Vienna
READING FROM 5 PM !!! The eyes are the mirror to the soul and in our faces are reflected our past and our experiences. &...



The eyes are the mirror to the soul and our faces reflect our past and our experiences.


The themed exhibition "FACES" is fully dedicated to the stories told by the sparkle in the eyes and the laugh and worry lines all around. We present fleeting encounters and deep insights that, captured on canvas and paper, have much to tell us as viewers.


As always, "I'm just looking..." is allowed and encouraged. And of course you can also buy


With our exhibitions, we create a pleasant and hopefully congenial atmosphere, despite our professional approach, which invites visitors to stay and engage with the works and the artists present. Over coffee and prosecco we can learn more about art and the artist and in this way take another step towards disposing of the furniture store poster to the acquisition of an affordable unique piece.