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CITY Gallery, Vienna

SOLO von Zara Yildirim

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CITY Gallery, Vienna
Zarah Yildirim shows "Playful Thoughts" in the CITYgallery...

Zarah Yildirim shows "Playful Thoughts" in the CITYgalleryVIENNA

Enchanting, playful, colourful and yet thought-provoking....

This is how the art of Zara Yildirim presents itself to us.

For long stretches, you can see the artist's essence in her works. And when you think you have a clear view and a feeling of security, the picture and the title unexpectedly jolt you and the spiral of thought starts all over again.


Come and enjoy this atmospheric exhibition.

"I'm just looking" is allowed and encouraged.

And of course you can also buy it ????