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CITY Gallery, Vienna

VIENNA ART SUMMER mit Lucie Hanykova in der CITYgalleryVIENNA

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CITY Gallery, Vienna
Dailyssage July 20th, 2024Exhibition July 11th to 31st, 2024 VIENNA ART SUMMER with Lucie Hanykova at the CITYgalleryVIENNA This wonderful inter...

Dailyssage July 20th, 2024
Exhibition July 11th to 31st, 2024

VIENNA ART SUMMER with Lucie Hanykova in the CITYgalleryVIENNA

This wonderful international exhibition shows Lucie Hanykova and other 40 artists from 20 nations. Come and watch incredible artworks from all over the world.

Lucie Hanyková's artistic creation is an exemplary model of creative signature and provides answers to the very mission of a work of art. Her relatively demanding technique of palette knife oil painting represents art that is colorfully vibrant, mysterious, and philosophically profound on the artistic map. I appreciate that in today's era of predominantly empty abstraction, she is not afraid to express the values of our existence through figures and portraits. Almost every painting touches on expressionism.
She enriches it with elements of futurism and constructivism. Lucie's entire work is subject to her own principles of fauvism.
It is characterised by a quest for an authentic expression of those background processes that we experience. They are beautifully complicated, lively, and necessary. And the author successfully presents them for their extensive valuable message.