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CITY Gallery, Vienna

Workshop resin goes urban style

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CITY Gallery, Vienna
Stefanie Etter Resin goes urban style Tue 5 - Thu 7 Jul 2022 In art there are hardly any limits. This is also true for resin art. Let yourself...

Resin goes urban style
Tue 5 - Thu 7 Jul 2022

There are hardly any boundaries in art. This also applies to resin art. Let yourself be surprised by this new workshop format and experience how exciting resin is in combination with sprays, paper, stencils and fonts. The focus of this three-day workshop will be on proper image composition and appropriate materials. You will learn how to build up a street art style artwork, which materials are well suited for this and how to use them. You can express yourself with lots of color and colorful like graffiti. You prefer it more minimalist? No problem either: for industrial style, use cool colors like black, gray and white and add a few colored accents at most. Working with fonts ensures clear messages in your artwork.